Tafsir Library

A valuable advice one of the Tafsir professors shared جزاه الله خيرا.

As a Tafsir specialist, it is important to have an extensive Tafsir library, and be adept in knowing how to navigate through it by learning the style and merit of each work and author.

If you wanted to know the statements of the Salaf, you wouldn’t return to Tafsir Sa’di but instead Tafsir at-Tabary, ibn Atiyyah’s al-Muharrar, Tafsir ibn Abi Hatim, Suyuti’s ad-Durr, etc.

If you wanted to read discussions related to Fiqh rulings derived from the verses you wouldn’t goto Tafsir ibn Juzay but instead ibn al-Araby’s Ahkaam al-Quran, or al-Qurtuby’s al-Jāmi’, etc.

If you wanted to know details related to Arabic grammar, or anything related to Arabic, you would return to Abu Hayyan’s al-Bahr, or as-Sameen’s ad-Durr, etc.

For Balāgha: Tafsir Zamakhshari with at-Teeby’s commentary, ibn Ashur’s at-Tahrir, etc.

Summary of the verses’ meaning: Tafsir Tabary, Tafsir Sadi, al-Mukhtasar, etc.

And the list goes on…

The point is that every Tafsir is distinguished with its own virtue, so it is important for the budding Muffasir to know how to utilize these tools at his disposal.

🤲 O Allah, I only post this to motivate my brothers and sisters in their studies, so fill their hearts with desire to study!
O Allah, grant us all barakah in all of our affairs.
O Allah, allow us all to learn beneficial knowledge in order to implement and convey the meaning of His Words as it was intended, aameen.


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