Book Supply Drive

Back to School BackPack Project

About the Project: There are many children who cannot afford many of the most basic things in life – including school supplies. Without the right school supplies, children may have a hard time succeeding in school, which will affect how well they do for the rest of their lives.

Annual Project : AlKalaam helped children with books and fees in the past years as well but now we plan to do this in a structured way every year, In sha Allah, this is why AlKalaam Institute has started the Back to School BackPack Project. We help provide backpacks to needy children who are in government schools (irrespective of religion). We also provide supplies to children of women who have been victims of domestic violence, orphans.

What’s in each Backpack: Colored pencils, crayons, glue stick, pencils, pencil box, eraser, notebooks, pens, backpack.

What’s the Contribution?
Since this is a sadakha/zakat eligible project we request a minimum contribution of Rs1000/- and more. Please spread the news to your family, friends, relatives, companies, factories. Please collect receipts for donations made .