Student Reflections (2019)

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم
(In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)

Taleem ul Quran Student Reflections – Journey with the Qur’an
 Taleem al Qur’an Certificate Weekend English Course 2017


Quran was something that I always wanted to learn and understand. At a small age, I almost knew how to read the Quran but never understood it. So this journey with the Quran started a year ago, where I could learn the word to word meaning of the Quran. I was blessed with a strong teacher, who was passionate about teaching the Quran. It enlightened me, no doubt it’s a Miracle! Quran made me understand the importance it played in our everyday lives and to have a continuous connection with it.

Well to be honest nothing much has changed in me but yes I’ve been trying my utmost best everyday of my life  to live up to the Quran.

Though Quran has taught me a lot, from the basic etiquettes of life to the Huqooq al Ibaad and the Huqooq al Allah( Rights of people and Rights of Allah ).

  • The first and foremost thing that has changed in me is my Salah. Before I used to skip many salahs thinking I would make it up later which never happened, but now Alhamdullilah there is this constant  reminder in me for the 5 daily prayers and that too in time, and to try my best with khushoo.
  • It has taught me patience, as to being content with whatever Allah has granted me weather it is against or according to my wishes and that everything I go through is all a test and Allah is the All Knowing
  • I try my best not to engage in useless talks and gossips which is tough at times.
  • Tawakkul on Allah which is having complete trust that Allah’s plan is the best plan, which has made many many things easy for me and to take everything in a positive way and to leave the negativity.
  • I leant the extreme importance of making sure of doing things to please Allah alone- not for others to appreciate, and also to do things in the correct way.
  • I learnt to treat everyone equally no matter what their status is. And also to help the poor and the needy with whatever best I could.
  • I learnt the responsibility of practicing the Deen we are blessed with, and sharing it with others.
  • I learnt the importance of good company/ good friends, which I feel is very important, as they are the ones we mostly get influenced with.
  • I learnt that we cannot do anything ourselves unless Allah wills and grants us the ability to do it.
  • I learnt the reality of this life, the hereafter, and of being accountable of every intention, action, saying which I never realised before, in the true sense.

I feel that fear of Allah has entered my heart but still have a long way to go to achieve that specific level of fear and love of Allah. And sometimes I do go out of track, but I try not to let things fall in shaitans trap, with repentance and good deeds.

At the whole, the Quran has just given me the Solutions to all my problems, which at first was hard to comprehend. It  helped in giving me tranquility and happiness.

The Journey Of Quran In My Life

Alhamdulillah, It is Allah’s  (swt) Raham o karam that he revealed the holy Quran to prophet Muhammad (saw) and thanks to  mam who came to India and started this Quran classes to spread deen. Thanks to my mom too who used to take me to the Quran class in Ramadan.

Earlier I used to be very angry and irritated . Then the verses of the Quran affected my heart so much that I am a girl with patience nowadays. I used to remember Allah only when I was in trouble and totally forgot when I was happy . But now I always keep chanting surahs, askaars & duas and be thankful to Allah for his favours.

The first law of offering Salah is to read with khushu and khuzoo and then to read on time with punctuality. I knew about it before but not practicing it, after attending the classes I became punctual. To be very honest I was very fond of music but now stopped listening to it for Allah’s sake. I never wanted to wear hijab and my mom forced me to wear it. But now I wear hijab for Allah’s sake and because it is an order from Allah.

This tafseer class has helped me a lot.  May Allah bless  mam and her family for her great job.  Ameen.



Assalamu alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

My name is Aiman Shariff am an engineering student am 21 years old, am going to share my experience that how Quran changed my life. In this modern world I was also a modern girl. I was irregular in offering namaz. I never used to get up for fajar I was busy in this world things I never thought of aakhirah and I never thought of Quran. But the one thing was I trusted Allah I had a believe on him, that trust took me to the classes of Quran where my journey was started.

Before getting into the story I want to say how I got into the classes, my two cousins who were also like enjoying life in this modern era suddenly I saw a drastic change in them I asked the reason and it was Quran then I was so excited that even I wanted to change, this is how I got into classes.

After joining the classes the starting few days I struggled a lot to sit for 3 hours I used to check time wondering when the class will get over and after some classes we started with surah al-Nisa which was very interesting and this surah made me realize my mistakes and gently I got involved into the Quran …..Then it was time for me to change I started reciting the askars of morning and in evening , Allah’s trust and believe became strong in me and I later realized that I have wasted my many years in duniya and now it is time for me to repent and turn to Allah .

Every time when I pray I always do tawba .My iman became strong  and I changed my habits like, I offered namaz on time ,I started behaving good with my parents and the main thing which was changed is whatever I do I think of Quran and do. My heart still beats fast thinking what would be my punishment if I would have not changed Alhamdulillah am feel so relaxed and happy that Quran is there in my life. With Quran I can handle everything because it has each and every solution in it.
Whenever I get stressed or get panic I recite Quran which makes me feel so comfortable and I get relief. All the misunderstandings regarding Islam and the fatwa’s created were cleared. When Quran entered my life it was chance given by Allah for me to change and Alhamdulillah I changed myself. Another thing which I learned from Quran is tawaqal on Allah (trust only Allah) because Allah has no associated partners. What we ask from Allah will definitely get if it is halal and good for us. Allah does what is good for us not which we feel is good whatever Allah does is for our good thing.

Nowadays I don’t care the world because am a Quran student and am very proud and happy that it is in my life.

 Jazakallahu khairan


   السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم.

 Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!
I’m really really grateful to Almighty Allah for giving me hidayah at very young age and for choosing me from so many of them. I was inspired by my parents for allowing me to attend these classes. I would like to say that these classes have helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge. Earlier we only used to read Quran but we wouldn’t understand what it contained ?  what are it’s miracles? we simply used to read it and I always had a quest to know what it is actually?  But now Allah has shown me a way . Quran is a like a treasure for me now it has all the solutions for anybody’s problems. Quran gave much contentment to my heart and peace to my soul.

Earlier I never used to read salah regularly especially Fajr and Isha but Alhumdulillah now I try and pray all 5 times. I feel very peaceful when I  do sajdah. never used to help my mother in all the household chores but now I help to finish her works.

If I want anything I first ask Allah I make it a point to make a dua first and then ask my parents, we are taught that Allah is the provider of all things and our parents are just the zariya.

At leisure I used to read novels and other story books but now I thought what’s better than the stories of prophets and the companions of our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which are real and which gives us both worldly knowledge and the knowledge of the hearafter.

In school at the time of leisure before we used to play and just waste time but now I teach my friends what I learn in these classes. most of them are Muslims but they do bidah like they perform Fatiha , they go to Mausoleum, they wear Ta’wiz and all. I tell them that it is “not permissible” in islam . I tell them the stories of the prophets and MashaAllah they listen to me very carefully and try to abide by it.

I guarantee you this “Book” is a divine guidance, a guidance which will bring from the darkness unto the light, so to all the troublesome people out there in the world if you want peace in your life just go read Quran then you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

Islam is a beautiful religion, Islam is perfect but Muslims are not at all perfect, so if you are looking for Islam, look for it in Quran. The divine guidance revealed to the last prophet of Allah beloved Muhammad (pbuh).



Awozubillahi minas shaitan Nirrajim Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim.

All praise is for Allah the magnificent and most merciful

Quran inspired me,taught me and helped me to remember my essential holiness and that holiness in the image of Quran should be reflected in the world.

I find myself focusing on the abundant blessings I have been given Alhamdulillah through the grace of Almighty while reading the Quran.

My Quran class encouraged me to continuously be humble and cherish humanity.I came to believe more firmly during my dowra e Quran in Ramadan,many chapters in the Quran had me reflecting on the nature like night/ day,male/female,life/death and reaffirming that Allah is found in both.

Among my greatest lessons from the Quran was to be reminded to have faith,seek the truth,pray,forgive and forget and the importance of kinship, be peaceful and take care of people who are underprivileged.

For the upbringing of my children I always wondered and was worried,How will I teach my children when I know nothing,Allah  definitely made a way for me through my Quran classes I could make Allah’s light shine forth through the darkness around me.I learnt that with the light in the innermost heart my steps will be both firm and sure,this way I can at least make a try to make my children better person and guide them through Quran.

To conclude I would definitely say Quran has changed my way of viewing the world .I too was in darkness and carried away by this materialistic world.

Quran made my life better and a purposeful one.

Jazak Allah.


How Quran changed my life

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu.

I am Shaima and my topic is , How Quran changed my life.
You know what you want and you are constantly trying to persue it but somehow you never really seem to get anywhere. That was exactly my thing.

From being such a lazy person to read Quran and to now get up early in a Sunday morning for the sake of Quran.From sleeping late on a Saturday night to sleeping early now.

From having plans on Sunday to hangout with friends to cancelling plans on Sunday for gaining the knowledge of the book.From just reading Quran normally to reading Quran In a proper tajweed and khirat.

And believe me, it wouldn’t have been easy to do this if I didn’t have a teacher like “Mam” . I’m so grateful to Allāh that I had the blessing of having such a dedicated teacher in my life. She is the only person who stuck by me and never did she let me let go of Quran. I’m so thankful to you Mam.

I’m on the verge of finishing the 15th para and I’m not going to say that I’ve been a very sincere student and attend all the classes. I’ve missed a lot and I’ve tried to even make it up .

The major change that Quran has got in me is , “Salah on time”. Waking up for fajr was like a biggg deal for me and now I don’t really find that hard to wake up and read my fajr Salah after knowing its importance . It’s not that I don’t miss any of it , but yes I’ve improved in my salah. It’s also helped me in avoiding music. Most importantly, it’s helped me to have control over my anger. It’s taught me a lot of patience. It’s also taught me , not to argue with my mother and not to “ssh” at her. I’ve learn to shun the negative talks. Its the little changes and there’s lot more for me to learn and to implement it . I’m learning to connect each ayah I read with myself and trying my best to implement it. I’m trying to be a more better person.

So I’d conclude by saying , Stick by your positive thoughts and come out of the worldly attractions and hold firm of the knowledge you have.

Jazakallahu khairan khair.💫

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh . Being a Muslim I always wanted to know about the quran and its meaning by understanding word by word and I believed that one day I will get chance to learn Quran with its meaning and I kept tavakkal on Allah for an opportunity. I have came across a lot beautiful things but only when I actually started to understand Quran by it’s real meaning.

By the grace of Allah I have been invited by mam to take a complete course of Taleem ul Quran and was able to understand Quran even more easily and amazingly came across so many new things. We only used to read quran but we did’nt know what is Quran all about. I had an urge to study Quran with its meaning I wanted to know what is in it. Then

Alhamdulillah I came across this class and I found it really very good it taught the correct ways of Islam, I am really very grateful to Allah for showing me siratul mustaqeem. it was like a miracle in my life. It totally changed my life in many ways like: I was not punctual in performing my salah before but now whatever consequences it may be., be it important or not, first I perform salah and then other things. And also when I came to know about hijab, I started wearing in almost every where even In marriages and short functions too.
Alhamdulillah! My mother was very ill everyone were tensed because of her health but I kept sabr and I became very humble and only prayed Allah, some of my relatives went and asked some hazrat {na-auzubillah} regarding my mother’s health I tried a lot to stop them from doing bidah. I said them only Allah can cure my mother no one else. They finally listened to 2 what I said and I thanked Allah for giving them hidaya. I prayed to Allah for my mother allot and now Alhamdulillah she is better. Now, I made a habit of saying tavakkal tu alallah in every worst situations I will come across in my life. The moment I came to know about the benefits of being patience (sabr).

Alhamdulillah this brings drastic changes in my behavior to handle the difficult situations. The best example is my mom I have ever seen in my life for sabr. By understanding the quran I become more practicing muslim and getting more closer to allah and sunnah and I tried to follow each sayings of prophet saw by reciting azkar and special salah like chast, tahajjud, apart from obligatory prayers. Hence, I plead to all for understanding quran with its meaning instead of simply reading many times without understanding it though it gives rewards for reading but to get more benefits from quran.

Sameera Kousar


The Quran classes have really touched my heart positively and also has helped me to change my perceptions about life. After attending these classes, I was able to connect and relate each and every verse of the Quran to my life. I always wondered how Quran which was revealed 1400 years ago could still connect with the problems and situations of this era. Little did I know that Quran is the greatest miracle of all time! But Alhamdulillah, even in this deceptive era I could grab that essence of connection with the help of these classes by going through word to word and verse to verse of this miraculous treasure and eventually derive from it ‘true guidance’ to sail on this ocean of Dunya. The reflections on the Quran have reformed my life from being a part-time hijabi to understand the importance of hijab and wear it accordingly, from offering my obligatory prayers irregularly to establishing them on time, from being an impatient soul to striving to have patience and trust on Allah’s plan and the list goes on. But in particular, I would like to describe how Quran has changed my perspective on the definition of “true success”.

Earlier, the definition of success to me was getting the first rank in secular studies, being the best student, leading all seminars and being much focused on career goals. My priority was Dunya and not Deen. But Alhamdulillah, after connecting with the Quran I realized that my definition of success was just lame and that real success has nothing to do with my long secular study hours when literally my Salah is getting delayed or my marks, rank and my dream career when literally they are nothing more than tests in this Dunya. I realized that both Deen and Dunya must go hand-in-hand and we should make the best use of this Dunya to earn the treasures of the Akhiraah. Having realized this, every week I attended the class I reformed, changed and modified my definition of ‘true and real successes’.

So, to conclude I would like to summarize all my reformed definitions as follows: True Success is
1. Listening and responding to what we hear five times a day, “Hayya-alal-Falah, Hayya-alas-Salah”! Yes, real success is establishing our five daily obligatory prayers. And Alhamdulillah after my journey with the Quran I’m trying my best to establish them on time .
2. Worshipping Allah (swt) with proper Taqwa and being conscious of Allah (swt) in all walks of our lives
3. Working hard in this Dunya to achieve Jannatul-Firdose ü Striving in the path and cause of Allah (swt) and follow our Prophet’s (saw) Sunnah
4. Striving to purify our souls from whims and desires of this illusionary Dunya ü Having intention only to please Allah (swt) and seek his forgiveness constantly
5. Last but not the least, reflecting and connecting to the verses of the Quran with each and every aspect of our life and not just reciting it.

To be honest, this is just the beginning of my journey with the Quran. So, more improved and rational definitions of success are yet to be added to the list as I continue my journey with the Quran.
In shaa Allah! I believe that people who possess or strive to possess the above listed qualities are true winners in this world and in Hereafter. May Allah (swt) make us among those who are successful in this life and Hereafter! Ameen!

Jazak Allahu Khayran
Aiyesha Sadiya

Assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu..

I have many things to pen down, so begining with my life before quran.  It is not that I was modern or enjoying life. And quran and salah was not something father is a very pious and knowledgeable person. I have been seeing my parents reading quran and salah everyday.we sisters were brought up in a very strict atmosphere. So salah was already a regular practice.. Reading quran was only in Ramadan.
After joining tafseer classes it became habitual to read everyday. Whenever i read i always made a dua i need to learn its tafseer. I had been to a couple of places to ask but cudnt make it.. it was already destined to learn it from a wonderful wonderful teacher that is  ma’am.  She not only teaches tafseer alone, But etiquettes of life,I got to be a better daughter,a wife,a mother through her. I was lagging in all my huqooqs. Alhamdulillah i have been bestowed with a sharp memory from childhood so Allah made it easy to write the tests as well..i learnt tajweed from a haafiz .i was insisted by him to start memorizing quran.. and Alhamdulillah i have been in the process of hifz from 2 years.I pray salat ud duhaa everyday.. n day doesnt start without adhkaars.. all this wudnt have happened without joining this tafseer class. My in laws are dargah going people where i too had to practice it initially.
I had no support from my family (who are not at all in terms of dargah,peer etc) in opposing them as i could risk my married life.i was adviced to do whatever they practice.but after learning quran i could firmly tel its a “No” whoever it might be.. my husband was my greatest strength, be it in anything.. he gave me permission to learn tafseer and told me to do what i believe..may Allah grant him the highest place in jannah and make his akhirah beautiful.. Quran gave me a lot of sabr which was zero in me.
I cudnt tolerate liars i used to argue a lot with such people..when i came across a hadees where angels take care of such people i never argue i leave everything on Allah. I never wanted more children. A single child is everything was my belief. After coming to quran classes i learnt what wrong concept i had. But i need to have a lot of sabr to take care of my children which wil gradually improve in sha Allah.. I try to forgive and forget everyone and  everything just for Allah’s sake. Anger was at its peak,now things actually dont matter i leave everything on Allah.
Quran and i can never be apart. It literally makes me worthless if i dont recite it or learn tafseer everyday be it atleast a single ayat a day.

My  Journey  with  the  Qur’an

Alhamdulilah!!! Firstly, I thank Allah for blessing in a Muslim family and mostly me born into shahadah. My early twenties were the most painful year’s of my life, somewhere along the way I totally became lost, I tried so hard to deal with the trials and hardships that came in wave after wave.     One morning I woke up with a strong determination and took a pen and paper I decided to draw up a plan to change my life and stop all the negativity that was wrong to over think, I thought for a moment what is that, I was feeling so hard  to deal with this world and made a decision there and then put my trust in god , because the purpose of our life is only to worship ALLAH alone with no partners

Alhamdulilah,grateful to Allah for what blessings He has given me, so with this it started with to start learning Arabic , I was looking for Arabic teachers and then came across with this beautiful tafseer  journey, the book of Allah.  I joined Al Kalam Institute and started coming to the class, where the classes had begun, I’d just missed some classes and I enrolled for this.

Ma’am  our teacher (May Allah (SWT) give her khair in both the worlds), and the most enlightening is that the love of Allah towards his servant which bought me here. Alhamdulilah, which got me in this beautiful journey of learning and understanding the Quran and finally ending up with submitting to Allah alone . Subhanallah, the quran is a biggest blessing to all, May Allah increase us in knowledge.

The first thing I learnt is to depend upon Allah alone and only His greatness can help us to come in straight path.and be grateful for what we have and never let go your good character and maintain it and will last forever. The Quran and Sunnah will go hand in hand and Alhamdulilah to know wrong from right, Haram and halal in our heart. Fear only Allah and ask guidance only from Allah and show your actions more by words and it will surely bring a lot of differences in life and and if you are sincerely committed to it, dealing with dunya is easy, Maintain your dignity with proper dressing and Haya.  And in akhira only good deeds will come. Without this book of guidance(Quran) it is not easy to come, May we be steadfast for this we should start praying and start talking to Allah because only He can help you come out if you are in any difficulty.

Alhamdulilah, very thankful to Allah for choosing me one among and then Ustazah of mine , because without the efforts and sacrifices of my teacher the journey wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is and not that easy to follow because of the wordly desires,but trying out is the best results you come out with in both the worlds. I was incredibly nervous because it was new thing to learn as the days passed , I came to know that this is the thing we have to learn and wanted to devote myself with the quran as it is benefit to all.

But I had to look for the job and go with these was extremely difficult to manage these two simultaneously, with this I used to miss a lot of classes and was losing the interest towards this, and used to pray Allah for guidance and finally a day came to my mind that I shouldn’t break the connection of Quran whatever you are going through in life. Again, I started going to the classes and believed in Allah that he will make everything easy for me. And lot of efforts I had to put to not to miss the class and the test. So, now we are in the fifteenth parah, I decided to take the quran very seriously and never miss the classes. In shaa Allah, the quran is the best thing to hold onto and is the best advice to whatever you’re going through in life and it holds answer to any problem in life. I can’t seem to thank  Allah enough for giving me an opportunity to change in life and providing me with the best teacher and the best people I have met.

I am so grateful to Him because, there’s a lot I have to learn but still can understand what He is trying to convey to man about the good and the bad in life. Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for guiding us to the right path. Allah’s word fill us with hope and fear and comes through constant praying and having faith. However ,the classes begin with the busy routine of life, distraction of people one must take time to learn Quran . But Allah gives whatever he wills to whomever he likes and thank Allah for giving me this right.There’s a lot to learn from the quran ,the basic etiquettes of life, the right of  people. I have noticed some changes in me which is what I feel because of quran.

Being patient and content with and be grateful to what Allah has granted me whether it is against or according to my wishes, the respect for parents, obeying the elders,and importance of salah before coming here, Before I used to skip many salah that I’ll pray afterwards and missed many. Helping the poor,visiting the sick and never take anything what is not yours, no to Riba. Alhamdulilah, there is constant reminder of Salah. The next thing I gained is I can talk about imaan too. I feel that fear of Allah has entered my heart but still have a long way to achieve that specific level of fear and love for Allah, and whatever deed we do is to please Allah not people, and most importantly, tawakkal on Allah. I think tawakkal on Allah has made many things easy for me.I believe for anyone tawakkal and fear are the main keys to increase our Imaan.Alhamdulilah,I am  grateful to my parents for raising me with the teachings of Deen.

If you intend to do something for the sake of Allah,regardless of your situation, Allah (SWT) will give you the ability and the support in many different ways to make it possible in any situation.I learned to look into my mistakes then overlook others mistakes. When I have regrets guilt I go seek Allah’s forgiveness and praise to Him. When situations don’t turn out a way I like them, I remember that only through Allah’mercy I can come out of the problem.Whenever, I’m weighed with a burden I think I cannot handle anything without Allah consent, He is the one who brings out anyone with any difficulty but with patience and faith.

I conclude this by, Dear Ustazah, May Allah swt bestow great barakah on you and you family,and increase us more in imaan and guide us in to the straight path till we die and meet Him in bowed headsand overflowingeyes and hearts. May allah forgive our sins and cover us all with His vast Rahmah(mercy) .

Aameen!!! Ya rabbil aalameen….

Wa akhiru dawana anilhamdu rabbilaalameen. Wa salatu was salamu ala rasulihil kareem…..

Sakeena Maryam


Assalamualaikum, My name is Arbin Sultana.  Quran is a true miracle which has lifted my heart like water refreshes thirst and it became a shining light to my soul.  Quran has changed my life positively by giving its blessings like guidance, happiness, peace of soul, softened and healed my heart in difficult times and gave clarity in knowledge.

In my childhood my parents taught me to read Arabic grammers and other fundamentals of the Islamic faith. Once I grew up a little more, I joined the Quran camp in my school holidays where I started reciting Quran in tajweed. Alhamdulillah, in my teenage I finished reading Quran in tajweed under the Supervision. Since then, I started reading Quran by my own not knowing the  meaning of Arabic words.  After some time, I was going to an Ijtema where I got a few knowledge about the religious topics from then I began taking a serious interest to know more about the Islamic religion. As a result, Alhamdulillah  I got admitted in Tafseer class.

It was an outstanding opportunity to learn Quran with understanding the words of Quran. Learning Quran with tafseer is a very noble act to perform and I felt that it is a primary education which everyone should get and no better education we get other than this. The changes in my life happened by understanding the beauty of quran and the changes like I started performing salah on time , reciting quran , askars  both in morning and evening. I came to know the importance of time in the life of muslim  and to get prepared for death by doing good deeds for the sake of Allah rather than preparing for life which is temporary on earth but death is absolutely guaranteed and to live a life in a disciplined way by following  sunnahs of our beloved prophet Muhammad(sws) and according to Allah commandments by covering our heart with sincerity just like we cover our body with clothes. I came to know the importance of fasting which develops Taqwa inwardly and Outwardly and started to fast on important dates.

Quran guided me to a straight path, gave knowledge about what is right and what is wrong, teached me about each aspect of human life. Quran has helped me in many ways like by finding correct direction in life, by making us to understand our purpose of existence. Quran not only provided the knowledge of religion, faith, society, life, nature and so on but also brought me nearer to the Allah almighty, beautified my heart, my soul and helped me to act kindly with others and connecting with Allah by doing good deeds is a key to happiness. Quran is a true mercy for all which has helped me to live a life that matters, that cares and to be a true believer.

Arbin Sultana


In the name of Allah, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy


Our lord, ALLAH[swt] has stated in the quran, “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.” [Surah maidah; ayah 3]

ALLAH[swt] has clearly mentioned in the Quran of his oneness and the consequences faced if shirk is committed. Quran is a magnificent book that incorporates knowledge of all things that exist in the world and a clear guidance to mankind. Quran has a major impact on the lives of people who discern and abide by it.

Quran has also left a lasting impact on me and my life. It has shaped my life prodigiously and has given me a modest personality.

In my childhood, I was taught to read the quran but without tajweed. I also possessed a few basic knowledge about islam and its teachings but lacked evidences. Therefore I didn’t understand what allah tried to convey to me. I always had a very wrong notion about islam and its teachings. I felt like islam was a religion consisting of full of laws and restrictions and constricted  person on the grounds of ‘religion’.

I was and am very thankful to allah who guided me and blessed me with hidayah which ultimately led me to join Al-Kalaam institute. His blessings didn’t stop there yet; I was also blessed with a very knowledgeable and a vey noble teacher who has been a part of my life changing processes.

Quran has taught me a lot and has also helped me to get out of the miseries of the world. It has taught me the basic etiquettes that shaped my personality. It taught me the true morals of life. With its illustrations of numerous examples, it has helped me understand the words of ALLAH in a very simple manner. I understood the real hikmah behind the laws and restrictions stated in the quran and its importance to survive in the present modernised era. It has had a tremendous influence on me and my spirit. It has made me strong physically, mentally as well as spiritually and has endowed me the courage to face this life courageously. It has made me aware of death and the life of the hereafter.

As my closeness to allah increases day by day, it has also made me aware of the evil acts of Satan and his treacherous  troops coming closer to attack my Iman.

It has indeed been a very long and hardworking journey with the quran that has bought such fruitful outcomes in my life. I am indeed very thankful to allah who has guided me to the right path and all the people who have supported and encouraged me.



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